Friday, February 28, 2014

LiveFastDie - Buzz Buzz Buzzard

Artist: LiveFastDie
Title: Buzz Buzz Buzzard
Year: 2008
Label: Goodbye Boozy Records 
Tracks: 1.) Buzz Buzz Buzzard, 2.) (He's Got) Pecker Breath

LiveFastDie is one of the smartest stupid bands ever. Coming out of almost nowhere in 2005, New Hampshire transplant Camero Werewolf emerged from a New York City basement with a pile of self-recordings showcasing geniusly inane lyrics, hooks galore, and some of the most crisp-sounding trashy punk you'll ever hear. Camero had a run of four years where he played out a lot with a revolving door of companion musicians and released a bunch of great records. This is the last record they did during the initial run. I can't say they're my favorite LFD tunes, but it was not easy to find this Italian import so I figured people might be looking for it. Camero is mostly retired now but did release a comeback 7" on Total Punk Records in 2012 and can occasionally be coerced into playing a reunion show for the right cause. 

Sample: here

Monday, February 17, 2014

Outdoorsmen - You're A Tattletale, Baby

Artist: Outdoorsmen
Title: You're A Tattletale, Baby
Year: 2009
Label: Wild American Records 
Tracks: 1.) You're A Tattletale, Baby, 2.) Hey, Jessica

Their second single. 

Sample: here

Outdoorsmen - Ain't Got No Chains

Artist: Outdoorsmen
Title: Ain't Got No Chains
Year: 2008
Label: Wild American Records 
Tracks: 1.) Ain't Got No Chains, 2.) When They Bury You Down

I normally hate any kind lewd and dirty music but for some reason the Outdoorsmen totally do it for me. Perhaps it's just that they make me think this is really the way they feel and they're not just doing it for shock value or perhaps it's because they strike me as such outsiders (no pun intended). All three members are from Hawaii and relocated to California and seem completely out of place from the established Bay Area music scenes. This type of hateful sludge is usually reserved for bands from the middle of the country. "Ain't Got No Chains" is the band at its garagiest and "When They Bury You Down" kind of sounds like Lightning Beat-Man channeling Billy Childish. They've got a bunch of other records I'll eventually post. I believe the Outdoorsmen no longer exist. The singer Chad is now in Life Stinks. 

Sample: here

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Mullens - Isabel

Artist: The Mullens
Title: Isabel
Year: 1996
Label: Panic Records
Tracks: 1.) Isabel, 2.) Red Ring, 3.) Somethin' For Yourself, 4.) How Many More Years? 

While Austin, Texas has been producing obnoxious rock music for as long as obnoxious rock music has existed, Dallas has largely stayed out of the fray. The Mullens are an outlier and have been releasing a nice mix of straight up Ramonesy punk like the title track to bluesy garage rock like "How Many More Years?" (not the Howlin' Wolf song) for a long time. This was their first vinyl output, which for some reason took an Italian label to release it. The Mullens have gone on to do a couple LPs for Get Hip Recordings and a few singles on other labels. I think they still play out every once in a while. Guitarist Matt Mayo has been in a lot of other bands, too. 

Sample: here

Supersnazz - I Gotta Go Now

Artist: Supersnazz
Title: I Gotta Go Now
Year: 1996
Label: Estrus Records
Tracks: 1.) I Gotta Go Now, 2.) I Am A Cliche 

In my opinion this is right when Supersnazz got really good. I didn't care too much for their Sub Pop album from 1993 nor the few singles from the early 90s, but they put out this and the great The Devil Youth Blues album in 1996 and had it cooking by then. I don't believe the A-side was ever released on an album and the B-side is a tastefully done X-Ray Spex cover. This record also gets major cool points for coming in a comic book sleeve with art by Alex Wald. Supersnazz is still around, though less female and less Japanese than they used to be, but still worth supporting. 

Sample: here

The Brides - Born In A Grave

Artist: The Brides
Title: Born In A Grave 
Year: 1998
Label: Sack O' Shit Records 
Tracks: 1.) Born In A Grave, 2.) Radio Suicide (Live), 3.) I Juvenile (Live)

Somewhat notable as one of the last good bands from the glory days of Rip Off Records, this is the underappreciated swan song from Chicago's The Brides on the local Sack O' Shit Records. The band broke up right around the time of this release, which is why it only has one studio song and they started digging into covers like "I Juvenile" by Pagans. 

Despite breaking up close to 20 years ago, there has been continued interest in The Brides. They have played at least two reunion shows, one in 2010 and one in 2011, and there ahs long been talk of HoZac releasing a LP with studio and live tracks. While this blog is primarily to perpetuate long out of print music, surprisingly Sack O' Shit still indicates having new old stock copies of this. Give him a holler. 

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