Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Persuaders - Live and Shattered

Artist: Persuaders
Title: Live And Shattered
Year: 2006
Label: Shattered Records
Tracks: 1.) Sonic Surgery, 2.) Savage, 3.) Baby Baby C'Mon, 4.) Nervous Breakdown #5, 5.) Hot Stix, 6.) Low Life, 7.) Rock Bottom Blues, 8.) My Life My Way, 9.) Left For Dead, 10.) Heart Of Chrome, 11.) Dixie Buzzards, 12.) Pontchartrain Beach Nightmare, 13.) Ain't Your Daddy, 14.) My Darkside, 15.) Las Vegas (High Stakes), 16.) Truck Stop Galactica

King Louie Bankston's Persuaders records were largely released to little fanfare, as it was Louie's first real band to be up front in after years behind the skins with The Royal Pendletons. They released two 7"s in the latter half of the 1990s and a LP in 1999, toured Europe with Reatards that same year, and then that was that. Louie moved to Portland and played in 10-4 Backdoor and wrote with The Exploding Hearts. 

In the mid-2000s Louie's profile rose as he moved back to New Orleans and started fronting more bands like Kajun SS and Loose Diamonds and his friend and champion Jay Reatard became an underground star. By 2006 it became necessary for a Persuaders retrospective and Jay's Shattered Records released the Forced To Fuck CD which included all the 7"s, the LP, and a bunch of unreleased material. Shattered ran a special promotion for mailorder customers where the first 100 orders would receive a bonus CDR of the last Persuaders show from February of 1999. This is it. 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nobunny - Live On WHPK 11-21-2008

Artist: Nobunny
Title: Live On WHPK
Year: 2008
Label: none
Tracks: 1.) Hippy Witch, 2.) Mask's On, 3.) I Don't Feel So Happy Now, 4.) The Gutter, 5.) Jack U Off, 6.) You Might Get Me, 7.) Your Mouth, 8.) Mess Me Up, 9.) I Am A Girlfriend, 10.) Chuck Berry Holiday

Since much of the Nobunny catalog is widely available and he actually tries to earn a living off of it, I'm going to have to dig a little deeper to find stuff to post on here. So here he is on the University of Chicago radio station one week after headlining the first Atlanta Messaround festival and one week before Thanksgiving and only a few months after the release of Love Visions

It's just Nobunny, an acoustic guitar, and Rob "Hippy Justice" on percussion, working out many of the arrangements that would appear on 2009's Raw Romance, except we get a few fun covers in this set. The first is Personal & The Pizzas' "I Don't Feel So Happy Now", then we get Prince's "Jack U Off", and finally Fe Fi Fo Fums' immortal "You Might Get Me". None of these have ever been issued on proper releases. 

Sample: here

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Revelators - Live In Paris 2-5-97

Artist: The Revelators
Title: Live In Paris 2-5-97
Year: 1997
Label: none
Tracks: 1.) Part 1, 2.) Part 2

Along with The Dirtys, The Revelators were one of the last bands from the era when Crypt Records actively released records by contemporary groups, and they fit in well with all the label's heavyweights from the 1990s. They were from Columbia, Missouri, formed in order to open up at an Oblivians show, and had an uncommon ability to be influenced by rockabilly and country standards yet not sound like a bunch of costumed greasers at a hot rod convention. The Revelators were legit country boys. 

In their day, The Revelators released a 7" and LP for Crypt and a 7" for Sympathy For The Record Industry. They recorded a second album in 1988 but it wasn't released until 2009, again on Crypt.Guitarist John Schooley would go on to be the most prolific member after the band broke up. He moved to Austin, Texas, fronted The Hard Feelings for a while, and now has mostly focused on playing as a one man band. Singer Jeremiah would later sing for The Litigators and The Pink Socks, and appears to have last lived in Kansas City. Original drummer Mark left the band before the second LP was recorded (Bill Randt from New Bomb Turks played on that). I don't think he's played in any notable bands since then but he's still a rock fan. 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Spaceshits - 60 Nights Of Boredom

Artist: The Spaceshits
Title: 60 Nights Of Boredom
Year: 1998
Label: Sultan Records
Tracks: 1.) 60 Nights Of Boredom, 2.) Teenage Crime Wave, 3.) Every Time We Get Married, 4.) Girl Stop Givin' Me Grief 

Full vinyl rip of this EP, most notable for the song "Teenage Crime Wave", which as previously stated, is not included on the A Harem Of Hits CD. 

Sample: here