Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Base - I've Got A Girl

Artist: First Base
Title: I've Got A Girl
Year: 2009
Label: Pizza Party Records
Tracks: 1.) I've Got A Girl, 2.) Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me

Like with The Yolks and Nobunny's cover of "Somewhere New", many people had their first exposure to First Base via a cover, with Personal & The Pizzas doing "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me" on their "Brass Knuckles" 7" and Raw Pie LP. 

And you're excused if you had no idea who First Base was because for a while barely anyone knew who was behind it. First Base began as a bedroom recording project by a kid in Toronto named Fraser Wynne, who was such an outsider many people thought First Base was an offshoot of Eric LaGrange or someone else from the Indiana pop underground, home of Pizza Party Records. Fraser did this 7" and two more 7"s, as well as a cassette that preceded all of this, before eventually putting together a full band. The band would go on to record an LP for HoZac Records and play SXSW and the Chicago Blackout. 

Sample: here