Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Cave Weddings - Demo

Artist: The Cave Weddings
Title: Demo
Year: 2009
Label: None
Tracks: 1.) Let's Drive, 2.) When The Lights Go Out, 3.) Heart So Cold, 4.) Tell Me, 5.) Bring Your Love (Demo)

Eventually I'll get to posting The Romance Novels, my favorite of Indiana popster Eric LaGrange's groups, but right now I feel like doing The Cave Weddings. The Cave Weddings were a short-lived trio Eric formed after The Romance Novels and in between phases of The Happy Thoughts while he spent a little time with his girlfriend and band member Erin at The University at Albany, SUNY. 

They initially cut this demo CD that came in a pretty cool screen-printed package. These five songs became the source material for the "Bring Your Love" b/w "Let's Drive" on Hozac Records with "Last Time" being released on a split cassingle with The Midwest Beat. The other two songs are not available on anything else. "Heart So Cold" is originally by The Thunderbolts from 1965. There are two other songs from a different session that came out on Bachelor Records. 

Sample: here