Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eric And The Happy Thoughts - Cheese And Crackers

Artist: Eric And The Happy Thoughts
Title: Cheese And Crackers
Year: 2008 
Label: none
Tracks: 1.) One More Fish (Fishin' Around), 2.) Never Gonna Do It, 3.) Ride Ride Ride, 4.) Indiana Girls, 5.) Back Of The Line, 6.) Bad Days, 7.) Happy Thoughts, 8.) Sweet Dirty Love, 9.) Black and Blue

More Eric LaGrange. The Happy Thoughts was his band just after The Romance Novels, and his first time handling lead vocals. Most people's first introduction to them was a single on Bubbledumb Records with "Never Gonna Do It", "Ride Ride Ride", and "Indiana Girls". I downloaded this sometime around then but don't know much about it. I assume it was some sort of demo CDR. I don't know if it had a cover or what it looks like, so I used the cover from the Bubbledumb 7". 

In 2011 the band dropped the "Eric" and called themselves just The Happy Thoughts and released an LP on Hozac Records. All 9 of these songs are on there and 3 others. 

Sample: here

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Dirty Lovers - Teenage Love Bomb

Artist: The Dirty Lovers
Title: Teenage Love Bomb
Year: 1991
Label: In The Red Records
Tracks: 1.) Teenage Love Bomb, 2.) All I Want

If you are like me and started buying Teengenerate records before the internet age, you made it your goal to figure out the original artists who did all the covers they recorded. Most of them were not too difficult as they're now considered rock & roll and punk standards, but The Dirty Lovers were a bit more unexpected. You won't find "All I Want" on a Killed By Death or Bloodstains comp. It was only released six years before Teengenerate's Savage

Here's what I can tell you about The Dirty Lovers. They rocked Australia in the late-80's with a straight forward, fun punk sound uncommon pretty much everywhere in the world back then. Tragically, two of their members died in a car accident following a gig in 1989 and that was it for them. The Australian label Dog Meat Records would release a 4-song EP titled "Shanty Tramp" in 1990, which I unfortunately do not own, and then In The Red Records optioned an American release with the previously unreleased "Teenage Love Bomb" on the A-side and carried over "All I Want" from the Dog Meat EP. 

There has been talk for years of In The Red or Rigid Records from Australia issuing a discography release with upward of seven completely unreleased songs but it has yet to materialize. 

Sample: here