Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kajun SS - $40 Quartet

Artist: Kajun SS
Title: $40 Quartet
Year: 2004
Label: Die Slaughterhaus
Tracks: 1.) German Kajun, 2.) Automobile

Kajun SS was King Louie Bankston's first band upon moving back to New Orleans from Portland and would represent a big step in his musicianship and songwriting style. The simplified scuzz of Persuaders and 10-4 Backdoor would be replaced by a more complex, southern classic rock style and the previously minimalist lyrics would now yield much more verbose storytelling. This style would eventually follow Louie into the Loose Diamonds, Black Rose Band, and Missing Monuments. 

The rest of the band was rounded out by former Persuaders co-conspirator Jason Craft, Chad from Scripts, and Paul from Die Rötzz. They would release a 12" later in 2004 and then pretty much be done, issuing some unreleased tracks in 2007. This record originally came out on Atlanta's Die Slaughterhaus and then had a couple pressings on Jay Reatard's Shattered Records. "Automobile" was originally recorded by Alan Lee Shaw's The Rings in 1977. 

Sample: here