Friday, October 7, 2016

The Dirtys - It Ain't Easy

Artist: The Dirtys
Title: It Ain't Easy
Year: 1998
Label: Italy Records
Tracks: 1.) It Ain't Easy, 2.) Fuck

I'm pretty sure this is The Dirtys first 7". They released two in 1998, this one and the four song "Teenage Teenage Problem Child" EP. Interestingly, both came out after their LP from 1997, reversing the normal progression of putting out a few singles before building up for an album. 

This 7" continues on the raging from You Should Be Sinnin'. "It Ain't Easy" features guitar work by Mick Collins, but he does not produce this as he did the LP. Jim Diamond was behind the boards for these two songs. 

Sample: here