Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Piranhas - Garbage Can

Artist: The Piranhas
Title: Garbage Can
Year: 1999
Label: Tom Perkins Records
Tracks: 1.) Garbage Can, 2.) Mind Control, 3.) Redundant

This record came out at the same time as the first Clone Defects and similarly kicked a lot of people's asses. (Guitar player Ian was in Epileptix with Timmy Vulgar.) From where I stood at the time, this Detroit band was among the first to bring the whole dark wave thing to a punk/garage sound, before Lost Sounds, Terrible Twos, and others. 

The Piranhas would go on to release a 12" on Tom Perkins shortly after this, and it is good, too. They then did a 7" on Rocknroll Blitzkrieg which I didn't think was very good. After that they signed to In The Red Records and did a LP and another 12" before calling it quits. Most of the members would go on to other projects, with the most notable perhaps being Druid Perfume. 

Sample: here

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Clone Defects - Bottled Woman

Artist: Clone Defects
Title: Bottled Woman
Year: 1999
Label: Tom Perkins Records
Tracks: 1.) Bottled Woman, 2.) Cheetah Eyes

Detroit's Clone Defects were one of the definitive bands that bridged the gap between the Rip Off Records era of the 1990s and pretty much everything that has been good since then. They took the fast and raw rock n roll influence that had gotten a little stagnant and generic at that point and added an art and noise element to freshen things up. 

Singer and guitar player Timmy Vulgar had been kicking it around with Epileptix a few years earlier but they never really caught on. (Their records are very collectable now, though.) This debut for Clone Defects got a great review in Maximum Rocknroll at the time and he's been pretty prolific and well-received since then. 

The last Clone Defects record was in 2003. They played a handful of reunion shows over the next decade. After that Timmy went on to the more artsy less punk Human Eye and then the art pop of Timmy's Organism. Drummer Fast Eddie passed away in 2013. The producer of this 7" would go on to be world famous as Jack White. 

Sample: here

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Okmoniks - Keepin' Up With

Artist: The Okmoniks
Title: Keepin' Up With
Year: 2004
Label: In-Fi Records
Tracks: 1.) You Got It (And I Need It Too), 2.) Won't Let Me Be, 3.) Don't Wanna See You No More!, 4.) Cry A Little Longer, 5.) Change For The Worse, 6.) Whatcha Gonna Do, 7.) Somethin' New (About You), 8.) Ain't Comin' In, 9.) She's A Tease, 10.) Buzz With Me, 11.) Buy My Love

I meant to post this in line with the other Okmoniks posts but I guess I forgot. Here is what I assume is another CDR that would appear to be the total recording session for a future record, the Compact 33 7", with more songs with gratuitous parentheses and apostrophes
. This record is notable as the first appearance of Justin Nobunny on drums. The vinyl version of this has seven songs. The CDR adds "Change For The Worse", "Somethin' New (About You)", "She's A Tease", "Buzz With Me" and "Buy My Love". Now that I really look at it, the vinyl has one song not on here, "Waste Of Time". As of right now I don't own the vinyl so can't help you with that. 

Sample: here