Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baseball Furies - This Is The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Record Ever

Artist: Baseball Furies
Title: This Is The Greatest Rock-N-Roll Record Ever
Year: 1997
Label: Big Neck Records
Tracks: 1.) Coney Island USA, 2.) Fuckin Jim, 3.) Carshouter, 4.) Teenage Love Dolls

It was my first thought to group this with Clone Defects as another of the preeminent millennial bands that ushered in our modern era by taking the speed and the hooks of the 1990s garage punk explosion but adding an extra layer of complexity and less linear song structures. Going into this with that thought, I was surprised by how much older this record is. The original version of this, self-released on the Furies' Go Bopper! Records, came out in 1996. That was the year before the first Loli & The Chones LP. (The version pictured here is the second pressing on Big Neck.) 

I don't remember liking this record all that much when it came out. I got their second 7", Sounds of Mayhem, at the same time and liked that one a lot better. But now that I listen to this again, it's better than I remember. 

As you probably know, Baseball Furies were a pretty prolific band, releasing a few records while based in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, and then relocating to Chicago to release more. Just about all their stuff is available to purchase online, so I will not be posting any of that, but here is where it all started.  

Sample: here