Monday, January 30, 2017

FM Knives - Keith Levine

Artist: FM Knives
Title: Keith Levine
Year: 2003
Label: Dirtnap Records
Tracks: 1.) Keith Levine, 2.) Valentine

FM Knives were a bit of a Sacramento supergroup from the early 2000's. 
They're kind of hard to pin down to one genre as they have basic elements of punk and power pop but then dare I say it some melodic hardcore, without being completely terrible like all melodic hardcore bands. Also, the lyrics are a bit more abstract than the typical bands posted on here. This is all probably because some of the members' musical careers started before the contemporary punk rock n' roll movement. 

Guitar player Chris Woodhouse was first in Pounded Clown, Los Huevos, and other bands before FM Knives and has since gone on to be an in demand producer. He's also a tight drummer. Drummer Ed Carroll was in Nar, Los Huevos, and others. Bass player Zack Olson was new to the scene at the time and thus has the strongest rock pedigree. After FM Knives he went onto a short but prolific time with The Pets. Singer Jason Patrone was in Pretty Girls with Chris and Ed and later did a group called Photobooth. 

This is probably the best band any of them did. This is their last record. They did an LP and 7" the year before. I don't know how much they played out but I do know they played the 2003 Horizontal Action Blackout in Chicago. I don't own their first 7" at the moment but it's on my list. 

Sample: here