Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Candygirl - Oh, Jacky Boy!

Artist: Candygirl
Title: Oh, Jacky Boy!
Year: 1999
Label: Jetstar Records
Tracks: 1.) Oh, Jacky Boy!, 2.) Candygirl

I'm kind of cheating here. I don't actually own this. These are mp3's from the Candygirl & Friends CD. 

Sample: here

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lids - Live On WREK

Artist: The Lids
Title: Live On WREK
Year: 2003
Label: None
Tracks: 1.) Distracted, 2.) That's What I Know, 3.) Too Late, 4.) She's Been Around, 5.) No Good, 6.) Rumble, 7.) Get Lost, 8.) No Fool For You, 9.) Hello Josephine, 10.) Something To Do, 11.) Interview, 12.) I Didn't Cry, 13.) So Long

Here's a not widely shared set of The Lids live on Georgia Tech radio station WREK. I'm not positive what year this is from but my best guess might be 2003 because while most of these songs would be on their 2004 LP, I don't hear a bass player, so this may be before Mark joined the band. 

This is a great set but doesn't contain any forgotten unreleased originals. You get a bunch of the hits from the LP plus a half assed cover of Link Wray's "Rumble" (Bobby And The Soft Spots recorded another version in 2010) and then more serious covers of Fats Domino's "Hello Josephine" and The Pandoras' "I Didn't Cry". 

Photo by Canderson. 

Thanks to Dave F. for recording this. 

Sample: here

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Raydios - My Baby's Back

Artist: The Raydios
Title: My Baby's Back
Year: 1998
Label: Target Earth Records
Tracks: 1.) My Baby's Back, 2.) Last Night, 3.) Compassionate Adult, 4.) Heartbreaker

After the break up of Teengenerate at the very end of 1995, brothers Fink and Fifi went on to start competing power pop groups. Fink took bassist Sammy with him to The Raydios, along with drummer Yoda from The Havenot's, and Fifi did The Tweezers with Tomoko from Supersnazz. 

Both groups would release their first 7"s on a young Japanese label Target Earth Records. These records were barely available outside of Japan and would quickly become sought after by Anglo collectors who generally did not have many problems tracking down the vast Teengenerate discography. 

Three of the four songs on this would be re-released on the Original Demo Recordings LP released on longtime German label Screaming Apple, which goes for some money now but was commonly available back in the day. The one that did not make it was the choice cover of The Scientists' classic "Last Night". 

The Raydios (and The Tweezers) went on the back burner for a while once Fink, Fifi, and Sammy reunited to form Firestarter circa 1999. They had about a decade run and then Fink revived The Raydios with a new lineup, including Azumi from The Young Ones and Sawa from The Faceful. 

Sample: here

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Hot Pockets - 2 New Songs

Artist: The Hot Pockets
Title: 2 New songs
Year: 2000
Label: High School Refuse Records
Tracks: 1.) Clean Dice, 2.) I Got Love

Here is a new batch of recording from August of 1998, just a few months after their first session. Both songs are originals, with Robert handling vocals on "Clean Dice" and Adam on "I Got Love". 

Sample: here

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Lids - Too Late

Artist: The Lids
Title: Too Late
Year: 2003
Label: Die Slaughterhaus
Tracks: 1.) Fool For You, 2.) Too Late, 3.) Something To Do

A couple years older, Benjamin Jay "Bobby Ubangi" Womack was a mentor to many of the young Atlanta musicians who would come to prominence in the mid-2000's. He was a member of the original version of Carbonas but parted ways after disagreements with the hardcore direction the band was going in and also a distaste for practicing. 

To make up for kicking a friend out of the band, Carbonas drummer Dave and his then-girlfriend Valery started a new band with BJ that would play the pop-influenced rock & roll he liked and also not be too worried about sounding tight or polished. Thus were born The Lids, a reference to the Sid & Marty Krofft Lidsville television show. 

This is The Lids' first and only 7", featuring BJ on guitar and vocals, Dave on drums, and Valery, future Angry Angle Alix Brown and a third girl I don't know anything about on backing vocals. Mark from Die Slaughterhaus would eventually play bass but I don't hear any bass on this record. The band would soon record an LP for Rip Off Records, play a Horizontal Action Blackout, and then break up by 2005. 

BJ dropped off the grid after The Lids broke up. A few years later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and re-activated his music career over his remaining time. Him and Jared from Black Lips turned their former joke band Gaye Blades into a semi-serious band and released two good 7"s. Bobby And The Soft Spots was kind of a re-configured Gaye Blades with BJ on vocals and would be the closest thing to The Lids he would do afterward. Lastly, he would record a minimalist LP and a few 7"s with friends backing him up under his Ubangi moniker. Sadly, BJ would pass in 2009. 

The Lids would have a big influence on subsequent music, bringing back simplistic fun to a budget rock scene that was veering toward hard rock in some places. Justin Champlin has stated The Lids were his main inspiration for starting Sneaky Pinks and Jesse Lortz his Fe Fi Fo Fums. 

Sample: here