Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Havenot's - I Hate Music Star!!

Artist: The Havenot's
Title: I Hate Music Star!!
Year: 1999 (?)
Label: Daiki Sound
Tracks: 1.) Kids All Right, 2.) Don't Believe, 3.) Get Happy, 4.) I Hate Music Star

You probably have The Havenot's self-titled album on Repent Records from 1998 and you may have the "Kids All Right" 7" on Screaming Apple Records from 1999, but you probably don't have this Japanese CDEP which adds three other songs not found on the latter 45. 

The Havenot's were one of the last post-Teengenerate Japanese bands to keep playing straight up punk rock and not catch the power pop bug, though drummer Yoda was at one time in The Raydios. They're also one of the only Japanese punk bands to not be based out of Tokyo. The Havenot's hail from nearly Yokohama, but still play out in Tokyo a lot. They're still around, too. They released their second album in 2012 called Rock 'N' Roll Weekend, which appears to be a mix of new and old songs. 

Sample: here