Monday, June 23, 2014

Luxury Rides - She Just Don't Care

Artist: Luxury Rides
Title: She Just Don't Care
Year: 2005
Label: Solid Sex Lovie Doll
Tracks: 1.) She Just Don't Care, 2.) Workers

It's taken a little while, but we've just made it to our first entry from the esteemed and elusive Solid Sex Lovie Doll label out of Italy, and this is one of its most overlooked releases. Luxury Rides were a short-lived project band between some reputable rockers from the Great Lakes region - Screamin' Joe and Nick from The Dirtys, Wild Mid Wes from Clone Defects, and Choyce from Les Sexareenos. Both Joe and Choyce are listed as providing vocals and each of these songs sounds like it has a different singer, but I couldn't tell you who is who. I definitely prefer the A-side. As with all SSLD releases, there's at least one other cover design out there. 

Luxury Rides would release one more record, a 4-songer on Goodbye Boozy in 2007. One day I'll post that, too. 

Sample: here

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Die Rötzz / Scripts - Split

Artist: Die Rötzz / Scripts
Title: split
Year: 2007
Label: Jeth-Row Records
Tracks: 1.) Die Rötzz "Brass Knuckles", 2.) Scripts "Erase Yer Face", 3.) Scripts "Chopper City Casualty", 4.) Die Rötzz "Uptown Ruler" 

You may not know Chad Booth by name but you definitely know his music. He's currently fronting Gary Wrong Group and previously lead or played in Wizzard Sleeve, Kajun SS, Mangina, and other shorter-lived groups while moving back and forth between greater southern Alabama and New Orleans, many of which were self-released on his Jeth-Row imprint. 

Scripts, sometimes spelled Scrip+s, were among his least acknowledged bands but probably my favorite. They played as a three piece out of the crescent city with Chad on guitar and lead vocals, his wife Stephanie, who also spent some time with Wizzard Sleevee, on bass and backup vox, and drummer Adam Waller, who also played with Black Rose Band and lots others. This is the second Scripts release. There was a full 7" released in 2004, also on Jeth-Row, which I unfortunately do not own. 

"Erase Yer Face" simply slays me every time. "Chopper City Casualty" is ok but the whole record is worth it just for "Erase". Die Rötzz are also from New Orleans, have been around longer, released more records, and seem more highly regarded, but I never got too into them. 

Artwork is by Mike Sniper. 

Sample: here

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Real Losers - Gimmie Action!

Artist: The Real Losers
Title: Gimmie Action! 
Year: 2005
Label: High School Reject Records
Tracks: 1.) Gimmie Action!, 2.) Dum Dum Baby, 3.) Rejected at the High School Dance

For the bulk of the 1990's, the European mainland was very friendly to American and international trash rock bands, feeding and lodging them at places like Vera in the Netherlands and sending over bands like The Pleasure Fuckers and The No-Talents to play stateside. However, the United Kingdom was largely non-participatory. It was expensive to go there, not easy to get to the next gig, the fans weren't that into it, and unless you were in with Billy Childish, there was no one good to play with. 

Things began to change in the 2000's with London's Black Time and Leeds' The Real Losers. The Real Losers started recording in 2001 and gradually built a following until everyone caught on with 2004's Time To Lose LP on Wrench Records. This lead to an invitation to play the 2004 Horizontal Action Chicago Blackout and a tour with Wisconsin's The Catholic Boys. 

This tour brought the band to California where they spent some time with Peepin' John McDonald of The Flakes and all of them co-wrote two of the best songs The Real Losers would ever record, "My Rocket Radio" from 2005's Music For Funsters LP on Alien Snatch Records and "Dum Dum Baby" from this one. The B-side is a cover of Greg Prevost's pre-Chesterfield Kings punk band, Mean Red Spiders, originally recorded between 1978-1979. High School Reject Records had a gimmick where every band they released did a version of that song on each B-side. 

The Real Losers called it quits shortly after this. Bass player and singer C. Shake is married to drummer Hot Dog and I think they have a family now. Guitarist The Hand would go on to produce for young Leeds lads The Hipshakes. 

Sample: here