Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jeffrey Novak One Man Band - Go Way Out

Artist: Jeffrey Novak One Man Band
Title: Go Way Out
Year: 2005
Label: Sonic Assault Records
Tracks: 1.) Burn Out!, 2.) Nothing Can Bring Me Down, 3.) Go Way Out, 4.) Mad Lover, 5.) Fire In The Hole Pt. 1, 6.) Fire In The Hole Pt. 2, 7.) Stabbed In The Back, 8.) Little Girl, 9.) Go Way Out (Boombox Version), 10.) Coming Back Again, 11.) Teenage Psycho

Another CDR. A lot of these songs would end up on vinyl. 

Sample: here

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jeffrey Novak One Man Band - Jungle Beat Stomp

Artist: Jeffrey Novak One Man Band
Title: Jungle Beat Stomp
Year: 2005
Label: Heart Of Chrome Records
Tracks: 1.) Junkyard Blues, 2.) Never Good Enough, 3.) Pine Box Rock, 4.) Jungle Beat Stomp, 5.) One Trick Pony, 6.) Sugar Shack, 7.) Doin' The Shake, 8.) I Don't Take Much, 9.) Teenie Weenie Bopper, 10.) Tugboat, 11.) The Crusher, 12.) She Rides A Rockin' Horse, 13.) Been A Fool Too Long, 14.) Alright, 15.) She's Got The Leather, 16.) Whistle Bait, 17.) Working Blues, 18.) Road Runner, 19.) Get In The Car

You already know I'm a Jeffrey Novak fan and his one man band is my favorite stuff. This is a reissue of his first recorded output, all cut in his bedroom as a disaffected teen in rural Tennessee. The first edition of this CDR was released by Jeff's own Sonic Assault Records but somehow this is credited as a Japanese version. 

The story goes he sent his demos to people all over the world looking for offers and he definitely found more interest overseas, as all his vinyl was put out by foreign labels. However, I just don't see why a Japanese label would want to reissue a handmade CDR, when Jeff was just making them himself at cost. But, Jeff has never been one to create a fake culture around his music like Jesse Lortz and the Boom Boom empire, so I guess there's no reason to think this is bogus. I bought this direct from Jeff in 2005. 

The original version only had the first 16 songs. This version added three extras. Most of these are Novak compositions, with the exceptions of The Novas class "The Crusher", The Collins Kids' "Whistle Bait", and Bo Diddley's "Road Runner". A few of these songs were re-released on Jeff's proper vinyl slabs. 

Sample: here