Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Horribly Wrong - Bleeding For You

Artist: The Horribly Wrong
Title: Bleeding For You
Year: 2005
Label: Eradicator Records, Spin The Bottle Records
Tracks: 1.) Aiming For You, 2.) Do The Move, 3.) 2nd P.A., 4.) Blood Up To My Waist, 5.) Living Nightmare

I vaguely remember The Horribly Wrong existing in the mid-2000s, but lumped them in with all the midwestern speed garage bands I didn't care about like Catholic Boys and never gave The Horribly Wrong a chance. Years later as I discovered Natural Child, I learned that Seth Murray was previously in The Horribly Wrong, so I gave them a chance and dug it. 

This 7" is the only record that came out while they were a band. They recorded an LP, but that didn't come out until 2009, a few years after they broke up. 

Sample: here