Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Larry Dirty - Drug Abused

Artist: Larry Dirty
Title: Drug Abused
Year: 2000
Label: Flying Bomb Records
Tracks: 1.) Drug Abused, 2.) Rocker Slut, Super Star, 3.) I Had A Girl

The Dirtys had the distinction for a while of being the last new contemporary band on Crypt Records with their lone LP from 1997 until Tim came out of retirement to release The Little Killers in 2003. You Should Be Sinnin' is a modern classic but they didn't have a chance to follow it up because guitar player Larry Terbush died in 1999. 

This is a posthumous 7" of a few minimalist home recordings between Larry and Dirtys bass player Joe. One thing I like about this is for being so minimalist the songs all sound different from each other. "Drug Abused" is a degenerate re-write of Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long", "Rocker Slut, Super Star" sounds like a Dirtys song without the bottom end, and "I Had A Girl" has a fuzzy blues vibe to it. 

Sample: here

Friday, September 2, 2016

Candygirl - Beehive

Artist: Candygirl
Title: Beehive
Year: 2000
Label: Lipstick Records
Tracks: 1.) Beehive, 2.) Jukebox Junkie, 3.) Jack-N-Jill, 4.) He's a Hypstr

Here is another gem from Lipstick Records. Candygirl is one of numerous projects from husband and wife Travis Ramin and Georgia "Peach" Conley from Minneapolis. You probably know Travis best as the drummer on all but the first The Fevers record. He also played in the fantastic Tina Lucchesi supergroup Tina & The Total Babes. He has played a lot with his wife, too, with the most prolific outfit being the admittedly lackluster The Short Fuses, who had a LP on Sympathy in 2000. 
I'm going to assume Candygirl was just a recording project and they didn't play shows since Travis played all the instruments on the records. 

This is the second Candygirl record. The first was self-released on their own Jetstar Records a year earlier. In 2006 a Japanese label released a CD called Candygirl & Friends that includes both 7"s and songs from a couple other Georgia Peach projects as well as The Riff Randells, who have nothing to do with either Georgia or Travis. 

Sample: here