Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jack Oblivian & The Cigarillos - Drinking Women's Milk

Artist: Jack Oblivian & The Cigarillos
Title: Drinking Women's Milk
Year: 2008
Label: Ghost Highway Recordings
Tracks: 1.) Drinking Women's Milk, 2.) 15 Beers

Jack Oblivian is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I previously posted some hard to find and unreleased Tearjerkers tracks but don't have too many other options for this blog because much of his catalog is available for sale digitally. 

Here is an obscure release. It's not great but if you missed out on it in 2008 you don't have many other options. The Cigarillos "band" is only drummer Rob T. and these are some of the more minimalist, quieter songs you'll hear Jack sing. I have no idea who Rob T. is and what else he has done. This was the first release for the Spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings. The label now has over one hundred releases. 

Sample: here

The Okmoniks - Live On KXCI

Artist: The Okmoniks
Title: Live On KXCI
Year: 2002
Label: none
Tracks: 3.) Sorority Club Song, 4.) I'll Let You In, 6.) Video Game Attraction, 8.) Cry A Little Longer, 9.) Next Worse Thing, 12.) Barracuda Girl, 14.) Locked In The Trunk Of Your Ford Blues, 16.) Can't Be Trusted, 18.) You Took What I Ain't Got, 20.) It's All Over Now, _.) Lawbreakin' Kind, _.) Talk About Girls

Here is another digital find from a long time ago. As far as I can find out, this was from September of 2002 with Gwen on drums. KXCI is a community radio station in Tucson. The track listing is as I found it. I don't know if this is an incomplete set of 20+ songs or a complete set with jacked up numbering. Most of these songs are on records. I've never seen any vinyl with "Video Game Attraction" but I have seen reference to it being issued on a cassette. "Talk About Girls" is the classic by Tucson's The Grodes, notably covered by The Lyres. 

Sample: here

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Okmoniks - Rustle Up Some Action With

Artist: The Okmoniks
Title: Rustle Up Some Action With
Year: 2003
Label: In-Fi Records
Tracks: 1.) Sorority Club Song, 2.) I'll Let You In, 3.) Next Worse Thing, 4.) Barracuda Girl, 5.) Lawbreakin' Kind

Now onto the second Okmoniks 7" with their second drummer, Gwen, who would later go on to to play bass with Scared Of Chaka and The Dark Places. The actual vinyl release for this only has the first three songs. Sometime ago I found a digital copy that had two extra, otherwise unreleased, songs tacked onto the end. I assume the band recorded all five at the same time, pared them down for this release and then someone posted the entire session for posterity from a CDR, but who knows. 

Sample: here