Monday, November 7, 2016

The Hot Pockets - I Live On Rocket Street

Artist: The Hot Pockets
Title: I Live On Rocket Street
Year: 1998
Label: Kogar Records
Tracks: 1.) I Live On Rocket Street, 2.) Every Time We Get Married

To most people the most meaningful event of The Spaceshits' European tour of 1998 was the permanent re-location of King Khan to Germany, but guitar player Adam "Tongues" Gollner also left some seeds on the olde continent. Adam hit it off with some of the Dutch scenesters, most notably Robert from De Stipjes, and thus became The Hot Pockets. 

The band originally recorded eight songs in an old Nazi bunker that produced material for three 7"s. "Every Time We Get Married" was originally recorded by The Spaceshits. I posted it a while ago. There was another 7" that also came out in 1998 and I am not sure which was released first. They got back together a few more times to record more and all their records are good. I'll be posting more. 

Sample: here

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