Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Fevers - Show!

Artist: The Fevers
Title: Show! 
Year: 1998
Label: Lipstick Records
Tracks: 1.) I Wanna Do It, 2.) I'm Not Cryin', 3.) Rebel Kind, 4.) That's If You Want Me To

More Lipstick Records. The Fevers should be reasonably well known, but primarily from their two LPs recorded in Minneapolis with Travis Ramin on drums. This was the short-lived original Bay Area version with Kathy Walker (Donny Denim, The Pinkz) on drums, joining mainstays Gavin and Brian. 

None of these songs are credited but at least three of them are covers. "I Wanna Do It" was originally performed by Bobby Comstock in 1963, "Rebel Kind" is by the Modernettes from 1982, and "That's If You Want Me To" The Beau Brummels from 1965. I don't know if "I'm Not Cryin'" is an original or not. 

Sample: here


  1. Hello buddy , i m looking for this single , have you got it : The Raydios ‎– My Baby's Back, can you help me ?
    and these other records :The Vendettas - The Vendettas LP,
    The Vendettas - Halloween ep,
    Th' Lunkheads ‎– Swingin' Sinners LP,
    Red Devils ‎– Queen Bee ep . thanx in advance

  2. I have The Raydios and can post it at some point. Thanks for following.

  3. ok , thanks buddy , i follow your posts with pleasure , cheers !!