Monday, July 31, 2017

Black Rose Band - Roadkill From The Lost Bayou

Artist: Black Rose Band
Title: Roadkill From The Lost Bayou
Year: 2006
Label: None
Tracks: 1.) My Love Ain't Easy, 2.) First Nite Out, 3.) Say Goodbye, 4.) Firewater, 5.) Dead In A Bag Without A Head, 6.) Today Is As Hard, 7.) One More For The Road, 8.) Highway Rose, 9.) Hot Box, 10.) Roadkill

The last we checked in with King Louie was with Kajun SS. That would be about the end of his all-out punk era as he transitioned into a more intricate, mellower, Southern boogie-woogie sound. 

Black Rose Band is most significant as the first collaboration between Louie and guitar wizard Julien Fried. Julien would up the musicianship from everything Louie had previously been a part of. He cut his teeth with The Detonations in the early 2000's, along with Keith from The Drags and John Henry Kelly, and would go on to play with Louie in Missing Monuments, Terry & Louie, and as a fill-in with Loose Diamonds. I once saw Julien accompany King Louie One Man Band and it was great. 

I got this off of Soulseek a long time ago. I assume it was from a CDR but it has never been listed into Discogs. The only official release this ever got was as half of a double cassette from 2014. The other half of that was another demo-type release called Boogie Woogie Wasteland. There are a few songs of overlap between that and Roadkill. The only vinyl BRB did was a 7" on Alicja Trout's Contaminated Records, pictured above. 

Sample: here

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