Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Raydios - My Baby's Back

Artist: The Raydios
Title: My Baby's Back
Year: 1998
Label: Target Earth Records
Tracks: 1.) My Baby's Back, 2.) Last Night, 3.) Compassionate Adult, 4.) Heartbreaker

After the break up of Teengenerate at the very end of 1995, brothers Fink and Fifi went on to start competing power pop groups. Fink took bassist Sammy with him to The Raydios, along with drummer Yoda from The Havenot's, and Fifi did The Tweezers with Tomoko from Supersnazz. 

Both groups would release their first 7"s on a young Japanese label Target Earth Records. These records were barely available outside of Japan and would quickly become sought after by Anglo collectors who generally did not have many problems tracking down the vast Teengenerate discography. 

Three of the four songs on this would be re-released on the Original Demo Recordings LP released on longtime German label Screaming Apple, which goes for some money now but was commonly available back in the day. The one that did not make it was the choice cover of The Scientists' classic "Last Night". 

The Raydios (and The Tweezers) went on the back burner for a while once Fink, Fifi, and Sammy reunited to form Firestarter circa 1999. They had about a decade run and then Fink revived The Raydios with a new lineup, including Azumi from The Young Ones and Sawa from The Faceful. 

Sample: here

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